Ginger Zee Wearing the Perfect Summer Layer

Summer is a wonderful time to be outside, and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, walking and running. It’s a great time to let your skin soak up Vitamin D and have barbecues with friends. Sometimes though, when you go out early in the morning, you need to layer up because the breeze can be […]

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Free Country Team Talks Swim: Which Suit Will You Pick?

Free country wants you to look good and feel good all year round. This summer our collection of swimsuits was developed for the everyday women with styles ranging from tankini’s to board shorts to more traditional bikinis. They come in a variety of prints and colors, and all different cuts. To demonstrate just how versatile […]

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How to Stay in Shape When Your Kids Are Home this Summer

With your kids home for summer vacation, you might have found yourself struggling to meet your personal fitness goals. The good news is that this is a common occurrence for nearly everyone with children. With your little ones around, time is precious. But if you’re serious about staying healthy in the summer months, there are […]

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Free Country Everyday Hero

Free Country Celebrates Everyday Heroes

When you think of the word hero, what comes to mind? At Free Country, we envision the people in our communities who are making a mark on the world, one act at a time! We like to think of ourselves as one big family – celebrating the exemplary behavior of our Everyday Heroes. So, what […]

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Thinking About Running a Marathon? Here’s How to Start

If you’re planning on running your first marathon, make no mistake, you have some work ahead of you. A marathon is a tremendous feat of physical prowess. To run 26.2 miles, you’ll need to start training four or more months in advance. You’ll also need to consider what type of marathon you want to run. […]

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How to Pick the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

While the first day of summer is still a month away, no one told Mother Nature. The temperature outside is on the rise and the days are growing longer–both of which are perfect for those of us interested in shedding our work attire for swimwear. But how do you go about swapping your business casual […]

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Springing to Life: Trends and Hints To Get You in Fashion Full Bloom

As people and flowers spring to life, we’ll definitely be treated to a feast of colors, patterns, textures and hues. But while these fashionable debuts can be inspiring (and dizzying), it’s always nice to get grounded in a few fundamentals before stepping out in full bloom. The following trends and hints should get you well […]

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The Future Now: Wearable Technology

With the emergence of Google glass, and a host of smart watches, wearable tech is on everyone’s mind (and face, and wrist, etc…) Of course anything that’s smart and fashionable catches our attention, so here are a few items from the wearable tech craze that we think are actually pretty cool.   The Garmin Vivofit […]

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Do Your Own Thing

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to make like Mother Nature and shake things up. At Free Country, we believe that good things happen when you take chances and you let yourself be yourself.  As our Principle #3 states, No Guts No Glory.  There are lots of examples from history of people meeting success when […]

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Making Smart Transitions: Day to Evening, Winter to Spring

The real fashion mavens among us know that fabulous style is about more than what you put on––it’s also about when and where. A pair of strappy Cavalli heels are lovely if you’re having an evening at the Campbell apartment in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. But the same numbers probably won’t go over as […]

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